Rainbow Six Siege “Black Ice” DLC Now Live, Spectator Cam On All Platforms – Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege‘s first major content update is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, marking the start of Season One: Black Ice.

Along with a ton of general gameplay improvements, the free update adds new operators to play as, a new map to play on, new weapons skins to apply, and a few new features as well. Here are the details:


Two new Operators from the Canadian JTF-2 counter-terrorist unit, Frost and Buck, will be available immediately to owner of Siege’s Season Pass. Next week, players will be able to unlock either Operator with Renown or R6 Credits.

ZScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.42.30 PM


The new map, Yacht, takes place on a luxurious yacht that has crashed into an iceberg in the Baffin Bay. It’s free to all players and is available immediately. Ubisoft released a new gameplay trailer earlier today, which you can check out below:


Three new weapon skins, Dwyer Hill, JTF-2, and USA Winter, are now also available for Renown or R6 Credits. Additionally, the Black Ice skin is exclusively for sale with R6 Credits for the duration of Season One. It can be applied to all weapons in the game.



Rainbow Six Siege’s Spectator Camera is now available online on all platforms while keyboard and mouse controls have been integrated for PC.

Rainbow Six Siege


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New Rainbow Six Siege Patches Out For PC & Consoles

New updates are coming in hot for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on both PC and consoles alongside a wave of permanent bans for offenders opting to cheat their way to victory in casual and ranked matches.

Ubisoft Montreal wrote in a blog update earlier that, “effective immediately, any cheating detected by the system will lead to a permanent ban, with no more three-day suspensions for first-time offenders.” Starting with Xbox One, the studio will also be testing out a new instant-death punishment (an in-game one, of course) for defenders attempting to enter out-of-bounds areas during the preparation phase.

More notably, as Update 1.2 hits consoles this Wednesday, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be brought up speed in terms of tick rate, which should mean smoother online matches and better hit detection. Tomorrow’s Update 1.3 for PC, which also hits consoles on January 20, includes a host of much needed bug fixes as well.

Read on to find out exactly what’s in Update 1.3, courtesy of the Ubiblog.

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Rainbow Six Siege Bug Fixes A Top Priority This Month, Says Ubisoft, Two Updates Incoming

Back at work following the holiday, Ubisoft Montreal is promising all Rainbow Six Siege players relief from a handful of issues currently plaguing the tactical shooter and disrupting the online experience.

According to a recent forum post from the studio, two patches are in the works for January, both of which will launch first for PC and then consoles upon further testing. The first, Update 1.2, is scheduled to hit PC today, January 7, and then consoles on January 14. Update 1.3 will deploy mid-January on PC and end of January for consoles. With these, Ubisoft hopes to fix the following issues:

  • Error 41 – Most recurrent PvP connection error
  • Extended matchmaking connection time – Irregularly long loading time for some players (especially in Ranked).
  • Failed data synchronization – Failed data screen resulting, in some cases, to no renown being issued at the end of a match.
  • Loading screen freeze (smoke background) – Some players get stuck in a screen when loading a match.
  • Game exploit in which Defenders are able to go outside during the preparation phase (bypassing the red wall).
  • Party of 4 Matchmaking – Some users experience much longer matchmaking times if they try to matchmaking with a party of 4 players.

In February, Update 2.0 will mark the beginning of Siege’s first season of content.

Recently, we learned that the shooter’s first round of downloadable content, Black Ice, has been put on hold for a short while. Originally meant to launch some time in January, Season Pass holders will get first dibs on the DLC this February 2.

According to the studio’s post-launch roadmap, upcoming Siege content includes new operators, maps, weapons, game modes, cosmetic items, and “exclusive seasonal content and events.” Siege’s first DLC, Black Ice, will feature operators from the Canadian Joint Task Force 2 along with one new map, new gameplay upgrades, new seasonal player skins, and more.

Hopefully, Siege’s current troubles aren’t affecting your enjoyment too much. At the very least, it’s nice to see Ubisoft Montreal keeping its fans in the loop. Here’s to hoping everything will be sorted out by the end of this month.

UPDATE: Here are the official patch notes for Update 1.2, now live on PC and coming soon to consoles.

General Tweaks and Improvements 

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First Rainbow Six Siege Update Arrives, Improves Hit Registration & Fixes Many Bugs

Rainbow Six Siege is getting its first major title update, December 16, on all platforms and it’s a pretty big one.

It touches on a number of items that Siege’s community has brought up since its launch on December 1, including hit registration and notable bug fixes. Here’s a summary of what’s in the update:


Visual Update

  • DLC Ultra-HD Texture Pack now available for PC Players

Community Health

  • Implemented an auto-kick feature for intentional team killers


Hit Registration

  • Fixed bugs on replication and kill cam:
    • Pawn rotation latency
    • Shield positioning while rappelling
    • Shooting and moving while rappelling
    • Kill cam replication issues
    • Updated server tick rate for PC (intermittent & temporary)
  • Playlist Changes
    • PvP – Ranked playlist HUD has been synced with the Casual playlist
    • Renamed Minimal HUD to Hardcore HUD
  • Ranked Matchmaking Improvements
    • Increased reliability of end-game skill rank updates.
    • The penalty for abandoning a ranked game in progress has been temporarily reduced to 8 minutes.
    • Skill rank icon is now displayed on the game’s main screen, next to your level.
  • Other Matchmaking Improvements
    • PvP & PvE matchmaking bug fixes
  • Balancing
    • PvP – Reduced time to detect Defenders outside from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • PvE – Reduced the maximum number of White Masks and reduced wave sizes in Terrorist Hunt – Disarm Bomb.
  • Player Comfort
    • Increased the amount of characters available tin the chatbox from 32 characters to 128 characters.
    • Glaz scope visibility enhanced.

Top Community Raised Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay fixes
  • Level Design fixes
  • Online Flow fixes
  • Visual fixes
  • UI fixes
  • Miscellaneous fixes

If you found that some of the patch notes came across as vague, be sure pay a visit to the official Ubisoft Forums for an in-depth explanation of every change and every update. There’s actually quite a bit to read up on.

All-in-all, Siege’s first update sets a very positive tone for the kind of support Ubisoft Montreal intends to provide to their game and their fans. As Ubisoft states in the linked forum post, hot button issues like Hit Registration will continue to be looked at and improved in future updates. Of note is that, once the team is happy with the improved tickrate settings on PC, they’ll also be deployed on consoles.

What’s your reaction to Siege’s first patch? Hit us up in the comments below!

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Battlefield 4 Holiday Update & Legacy Operations DLC Now Live On PS4, X1, & PC

Yet another major update makes its way to DICE’s now two-year old shooter on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, including new gameplay improvements and even more downloadable content.

Like Battlefield 4’s Fall Update and Community Operations DLC or its Summer Update and Night Operations DLC, the new Holiday Update and Legacy Operations DLC are completely free, whether you’re a Premium member or not.

If you haven’t yet heard, the Legacy Operations DLC brings back the classic Battlefield 2 map, Dragon Valley, completely rebuilt for Battlefield 4. Many of the iconic landmarks remain, including the ability to destroy and repair bridges, but there are also brand new features like a vertical cloud layer and a new section of the map that mimics Battlefield 3’s Noshahr Canals. There’s also a new 5-MCOM Rush game mode layout inspired by Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

You can get a tour of the new map, along with a lengthy list of patch notes, in EA and DICE LA’s latest Battlelog post. Weapon, vehicle, and server improvements are once again included in the mix, so give it a read and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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EA Assigns a Holiday 2016 Launch For Next Battlefield Game

Already looking beyond the launch of Visceral Games’ cops vs. criminals shooter Battlefield Hardline later next year, fans can expect to dive into their next Battlefield experience during the Holidays in 2016, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed in an earnings call earlier today.

According to Wilson, EA’s forward looking plan aims to ensure players “have enough time between releases to fully explore the depth and innovation in [their] shooter titles”. Given Hardline’s just-announced March release date, EA also announced that the company hopes to give up Holiday 2015’s launch season to DICE’s upcoming Star Wars title, Star Wars: Battlefront, which would push EA’s next Battlefield release one year back to Holiday 2016.

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EA Promises Official eSports Support With New Competitive Gaming Division

Video game publisher Electronic Arts has announced a new division of the company dedicated to eSports and competitive gaming.

It’s called the EA Competitive Gaming Division (CGD) and will offer official support for competitive EA titles like FIFA, Madden NFL, and Battlefield.

In the announcement, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, had this to say about the new company’s new branch:

Today I am excited to announce that Peter Moore is moving into a new role as Executive Vice President and Chief Competition Officer for Electronic Arts, leading our new EA Competitive Gaming Division (CGD). As the latest step in our journey to put our players first, this group will enable global eSports competitions in our biggest franchises including FIFA, Madden NFL, Battlefield and more. The CGD will be built around three core pillars:

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Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Gets The Cinematic Treatment In New Trailer

Dragon Valley, the popular multiplayer map dating back to Battlefield 2, makes its anticipated next-gen debut in Battlefield 4’s Legacy Operations update.

Earlier, we learned a little more about the free update, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this month. The map, like the original, will support all forms of combat — land, sea, and air — with returning features like destructible and repairable bridges. In addition, the Team Deathmatch variant of the map will provide fans of Battlefield 3’s Noshahr Canals a very, very similar experience. As usual, another major Battlefield 4 update, the Holiday Update, will launch alongside the new content pack on the same day as a separate download.

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First Rainbow Six Siege Update Arrives Mid-December, In-Depth Patch Notes Planned Monthly

One week in and Rainbow Six Siege is off to a good launch, winning tactical shooter fans over with its exciting attack/defense mechanics and thrilling gameplay. But, already, fans are anxious to learn more about what updates Ubisoft Montreal has in store to improve the game even further.

According to a recent developer AMA on Reddit, Rainbow Six Siege’s first patch is planned for the middle of this month with additional “in-depth patches notes” planned on a month-to-month basis.

Hot on the list of topics are improvements to the game’s hit detection, which Ubisoft did address in their recent Q&A.

“Hello everyone. We have indeed heard your concerns for hit detection within the game and we want to address it,” Ubisoft wrote. “We already knew we had improvements that could be made, but after further investigation, we can share that the problem you experience is based off multiple issues that we will be working on. Some of them can be addressed with quick fixes, while others require development time.”

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of what’s currently being looked into and what’s being delivered in the next update:

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Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta, Starts November 25

Rainbow Six Siege may be launching on the 1st of December, but fans will be able to suit up and play the game early in the just-announced Open Beta taking place later this month.

“Pre-load will be available on 1st party marketplaces starting on November 23rd, and everyone who participated in the Closed Beta will have 24 hours early access starting on the 24th,” Ubisoft revealed earlier today.  Read more…

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