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ShogunSWE, Papaposa, Swe Sugar Daddy, Swe Roswell
Totte 81 and Drunken Swede


Team Old Farts was founded 2008 by seven good old friends.

Most of us have played computer games since 1980.

Some of us did also compeded in Tom Clancy´s Ghost Recon in 2001 for Team =SWE=

But now days we just play for fun and to get some laughs .

The mainly game we play is Battlefield 3 (waiting patiently for Battlefield 4).

Team Old Farts did started to grow as a clan after we started to play Battlefield 3 on

XBOX 360 and we are very happy about that!!!

But aware: Our reaction is not like before (especially after a few beers). We aint fighter pilots anymore….

So we hope to see you on the Battlefield.

/Team Old Farts

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  1. Badkarma guy

    Hey I recognize that Picture!! Well done, sugar daddy like the web site upgrades bro! You guys rock as always take care my friends!!


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