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PS4 and XB1 Social involvement

Published on June 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

The console war continues…. For the good and bad!
But in this round up no one wins. Everyone must stop this. No one wants social on their gaming console. Now, if we expand the definition of social into matchmaking and the like, the Xbox’s dual OS will allow you to, say, watch a movie while remaining queued for a match, or while waiting for friends to log into a Halo hub, or something. That’s an advantage, but not really enough to scrub the regrettable ability to tweet achievements or whatever fresh horrors count as social these days.

Winner this round: Lucifer


Here you have PS4 User Interface Overview Promo


Some of  Xbox One social stuff….


So… What do you think? Do you want social stuff on your gaming console???

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